Organic Minerals

About Organic Minerals

Organic Minerals produce natural forms of nutrients essential for soil enhancement and plant growth. The ingredients used are mainly indegenous Cow’s dung &urine, jaggery, pulse flour and unpolluted soil under the banyan tree in the right proportion and are cultured with time in shade.The resultant is a concentrated Microbial Culture which can be used by adding water in a ratio of 1:10 or greater in view of with crop need and age. Jeevamrutham enhance soil microbiome through an ‘inoculam’ of cow dung, cow urine and other ingredients.
When we add Jeevamrutham to soil , we add 500 crore micro-organisms to the soil.Our soil is saturated with all the nutrients. But these are in the non -available form to the roots of plants. These micro-organisms convert these non available forms into available form, when we add Jeevamrutham to the soil. The micro-organisms make available all the nutrients ( Nitrogen , Phosphate, Potash, Iron, Sulphur, Calcium etc ) to the roots of the plant.
Jeevamrutham is either sprayed/sprinkled on the crop field or added in irrigation tank in regular intervals of 15 days until the soil is enriched.