The before-project studies:

AREL India  is ready to provide you with all our professional knowledge and experience both in the field of basalt fibers (CBF/STBF) and fiber reinforced polymers (composites) production.

Looking forward to our fruitful cooperation.

Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF)

We propose to consider the possibility of organizing an advanced innovative production of continuous basalt fiber (hereinafter — CBF) and products based on it, using a unique Russian technology that has no analogues in the world with proposed capacity of 5 000 tons of CBF per year and composite products on its basis with the extension of capacity to 15 000 tons of CBF per year.

The project for the construction of a plant with a capacity of S 000 tons of continuous basalt fiber per year, from which the same enterprise will produce final products in the form of construction materials, for example:

  • Up to 43 000 000 rm of re—bars (g 10mm), or Up to 18 000 000 rm of construction profiles (SOxSOxS), or
  • Up to 6 500 000 m2 of geogrids (100x100x3), or
  • Up to 5 000 000 m2 of road mesh (200x200x8), or
  • Up to 5 500 ton of fabrics, or
  • Up to 135 000 pcs of 100L CNG cylinders, or
  • mixed products.

Where to begin?

A more accurate range of products is formed at the stage of creating a pre-Feasibility study for the project, based on analytical data on the demand for a particular product in the region of the CBF production facility, market price, competitive products, etc., and the strategic goals of the project.

We recommend to start with the before-project phase which includes the expert assessment of the feasibility of the basalt fiber (CBF) project, the analysis of the local basalt rock quarries and development of the pre-Feasibility study for the project.